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New Remnant Department's

Sunday, September 27, 2015
BEST OPPORTUNITY FOR A BARGAIN. New remnant departments NOW open in Matt Britton Boghall Rd Bray & Newcastle Rd Kilcoole. With the coming of their new 6th store in Malahide and an opportunity to team up with retail giant Harvey Norman in Belfast on the cards, it’s only natural that Matt Britton Carpets have outgrown their current warehousing facility in Co. Wicklow. But as the team work day and night transporting stock to their new central facility in Tallaght, sales staff at Bray & Kilcoole have managed to get their hands on hundreds of premium level pieces to sell off at ‘up to 80% less’! Over 500 end pieces are already available! Don’t miss your opportunity to get the ‘best of the remnants’ – the liquid gold of the biggest, most exclusive orders. How? Just check out the new Remnant Departments in Bray and Kilcoole TODAY - and bring some incredible value in carpets – home!